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Missing Persons

I am sitting on the plane, one flight of many, and I’m not excited. I’m frankly not feeling any kind of anything. I’m not scared, but I’m not thrilled either; I’m all business.

I made the trip from Phoenix, Arizona … Read the rest

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The Gospel of Dolly Parton

On a regular Saturday back in 2014, I was hanging out with some friends, doing some Sacred Harp singing (just casual). One of my friends, Jonathan, played guitar, and so I asked if he wouldn’t mind showing me some basic … Read the rest


Three Girls, Death Particles, and a Funeral

The day of my 18th birthday can’t be beat. After a humiliating fiasco involving the police the previous night, I woke up ready for the day, my first full one in Edinburgh, Scotland. I recall that I wore some really … Read the rest